Shipping Time

We custom cut the liner to size and ship the product out within 2 business days. Delivery times vary depending on your location. For the Ottawa and Toronto area, if can be delivered as soon as the following day after it has been picked up.

For provinces out west it takes longer due to the distance.  The delivery times I have seen have been 4 to 5 business days.


Local Pickup

If you are in the kemptville / Ottawa area and want to pickup your liner to save the shipping, send me an e-mail at:   shop@therinkstore.com  or  call 613-322-8582 to arrange pickup.


Ice Rink Liner and your Grass

Ice Rink Liner should be put down when your grass is dormant. You will want to put the liner down just before the snow and the big freeze, that is usually when your grass is dormant. Than in the spring you will want to remove the liner early once the ice melts and turns to water. Also you will want to make sure that you do not have leaks that flood your grass and grass roots.  While no one will guarantee your grass, if your follow these rules you should be on your way to healthy grass.


How many years will my ice rink liner last?

Your ice rink liner will last 1 to 3 years. While it is best to replace the liner every year, some people will reuse the liner.  I have reused a liner for 3 years to make sure it could be done.  You would have to patch any holes from skates, shovels, and sticks. You also have to consider the cost of your water, if you are paying for your water that is going in the rink, it may not be worth it for you to reuse a liner and discover that you have a hole in the liner letting the water you paid for leak out.


What size of rink liner do I need to purchase?

You will need a ice rink liner that is bigger than you actual rink size.  This is because you need some of that ice rink liner to go up your boards to hold in the water. A good rule of thumb is to add at least 4 feet to the width and length. Example your rink is 28' x 56', you will need at least a  32' x 60' liner.


How is the edges of the rink liner finished?

At the edge of the rink liner it is cut off in a straight line, there are no eyelets or grommets like a tarp.  It is all poly material right to the edge of the liner.


Are the widths of the ice rink liner an accurate measurement?

Yes the widths of the rink liner are a pretty accurate measurement unlike some woven tarps that tend to be a bit smaller that advertise.


How thick does the ice need to be?

4" or 10cm of ice in the your shallow end will give you a good ice surface.


Do I fill the rink all at once or do it in layers?

People are split in what they think is better. For my option, layering of the ice is something was done years ago when no one used ice rink liner. You needed to put down thin layers of ice and let it freeze and keep putting small layers of ice to build up an ice surface. This method takes many nights of work to complete and on a warm day your ice would melt and your water would be gone.  With the use of ice rink liner I much prefer to fill the rink with water and let it freeze, a lot less work.


What is the difference between a rink liner and a tarp you would buy from a local store?

Tarps that you find at a local store are usually woven and have a little bit of water proofing over it .  The problem I hear from a lot of customer that have used tarps in the past is that the water leaks through the weave.  Ice Rink liner on the other hand does not have the weave, it is all poly so there is no weave for the water to leak through.


Leaves, twigs, and painted lines

You will want to remove leaves and twigs that are on your ice surface. The sun will melt the leaves and twigs into the ice and create a hole in the ice until the leaf or twig gets deep enough and ices over during the night.  I am not big fan of the lines on the ice as the sun will heat up the line and it can create either soft ice or it will melt where the line is.